Become an Umpire

How to Become a Certified Umpire

So you want to become an umpire? You've come to the right place. The Calgary Minor Softball Umpires are some of the most well-respected officials across the country due to our training and Mentorship Program. There are a few steps to start umpiring with CMSU:

  1. Attend a Level I Certification Clinic
  2. Register with CMSU and Receive Loaner Equipment
  3. Sign up for ArbiterSports
  4. Receive your Mentor and Game Assignments
  5. Complete a Police Information Clearance
  6. Umpire your first game (with your mentor)

Attend Certification Clinic

Each year CMSU holds an Umpire Clinic for all levels, ages and abilities. At this clinic you will receive your Level 1 Umpire Manual and Rulebook that will be used during the season. You will learn the basic mechanics, positioning and rules for Softball and have the opportunity to explore other topics of interest. At the end of the clinic you will complete the Softball Canada Level 1 Exam which will make you a certified Level 1 Umpire.

Click here for information on the Umpire Clinic and Registration.

Register with CMSU & Receive Loaner Equipment

During and/or after the clinic we will send out a form that needs to be completed so we can register you as a member of CMSU. The details we collect are used to enter you in to our system and to send more information to you, including future paychecks!

Once you have committed to umpire, we will give you free loaner equipment for your first year of umpiring. This includes a mask, chest protector, shin guards and a ball bag. If you do not continue to your second year of umpiring the equipment needs to be returned to us. If you do continue to the next season, you can either return the equipment or pay a reduced price to us to keep it as your own.


The platform we use to assign games is called ArbiterSports. This is an excellent system that allows us to see all the softball games across the city and send umpires to games that are at a level appropriate for them. Using this system we send out game assignments that must be accepted by the individual umpires within 48 hours. Declining games creates more work for our assignor and may leave a game without an umpire. Information to create an account and get set up will be sent out after the Umpire Clinic.

Mentor and Assignments

As a first year umpire you will be paired with a Senior Umpire who will become your mentor. This person will be with you at your first games to help you out on or off the diamond and to answer your questions. We encourage all new umpires to be in regular contact with their mentor throughout the season to discuss rule interpretations, situations that come up on the diamond or anything 'umpiring.'

If your assigned mentor is not available on the evening of your game, another senior umpire will be there to assist you. We are able to send a mentor to your first 8 games, however most new umpires feel confident alone on the diamond by game 4 or 5.

On ArbiterSports you will receive and accept your first assignments. Your assignment information will tell you the date, time, location, level of ball and teams that will be there. You will be notified by email and/or text (depending on your settings) when you receive a new assignment.

Police Information Clearance

Every umpire in the CMSU needs to have a mandatory PIC completed before their first game. If you have a valid PIC within the last 5 years we can accept this.

More information on this will be shared when it is available.

Umpire your First Game!

It's game day! Make sure you arrive to the diamond 30-45 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time of the game. This will allow you enough time to find your mentor, get dressed, have your questions answered and start the game on time.

Learn More

CMSU is member of the Alberta Softball Umpires Association who oversees Softball Canada certification for the province of Alberta.  The website has numerous tools and tips about being an umpire. You can check it out at